Restructuring and Insolvency

Felsberg Advogados is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the leading law firms in the area of insolvency and debt restructuring. We have unparalleled experience in assisting clients – debtors, creditors, investors and other interested parties – in all issues relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, corporate recovery and debt restructuring.

Our experience includes:

  • Judicial reorganization, extra-judicial restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • International insolvency and restructuring cases, in collaboration with foreign law firms;
  • Development of plans and strategies for the reorganization of capital structure and the restructuring of debt;
  • Recovery of credit, including through the coordination of or participation in organized groups of creditors;
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including the conversion of debt into equity capital, the exchange of control, the acquisition of shareholding interests or assets, and the sale of productive units to investors;
  • The concession and obtaining of loans and other forms of investment for indebted companies or those undergoing judicial reorganization;
  • The issue of debentures and securities representing debt or capital or hybrids;
  • The acquisition of credits, including debt securities and judgement debt;
  • Restructuring and negotiation of tax debt; and
  • Renegotiation, individual and collective, of labor debts, including with the active participation of unions.

For many years, the firm has been acclaimed by domestic and foreign publications as a benchmark in debt restructuring, bankruptcy and corporate restructuring in Brazil:

  • Band 1 in the Bankruptcy/Restructuring category of Chambers and Partners Latin America;
  • Tier 1 in the Bankruptcy/Restructuring category of The Legal 500 Latin America;
  • Winner or Finalist in the Deal of the Year presented by the Latin Lawyer publication every year over the last decade;
  • Cited as the biggest firm in the field of Insolvency by the publication Debtwire.

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Anna Flávia de Azevedo Izelli Greco

Anna Flávia de Azevedo Izelli Greco | Tax restructuring and negotatiation

+55 (11) 3141-9193

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Maria da Graça de Brito Vianna Pedretti

Maria da Graça de Brito Vianna Pedretti | Debt restructuring and fundraising, through debt or equity

+55 (11) 3141-9102

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Clara Moreira Azzoni

Clara Moreira Azzoni | Debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings

+55 (11) 3141-9142

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Fabiana Solano

Fabiana Solano | Debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings

+55 (11) 3141-3626

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Maurício Pepe De Lion

Maurício Pepe De Lion | Restructuring and collective negotiation of labor debt

+55 (11) 3141-9103

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Rodrigo Prado Gonçalves

Rodrigo Prado Gonçalves | Tax restructuring and negotatiation

+55 (11) 3141-9184

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Thiago Dias Costa

Thiago Dias Costa

+55 (11) 3141-4539

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Thomas Benes Felsberg

Thomas Benes Felsberg | Debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings

+55 (11) 3141-9101

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Rafael Malheiro

Rafael Malheiro | Tax planning

+55 (11) 3141-3630

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