Paraná keeps advancing in the regulation of reverse logistics

The Paraná Secretariat for Sustainable Development and Tourism (Sedest) and the Water and Land Institute (IAT) have issued Joint Resolution No. 22, of 27 July 2021, which defines the guidelines for the implementation and operationalization of post- consumption in the State of Paraná and establishes the procedure for incorporating reverse logistics within the scope of environmental licensing in the State.

In the wake of State Law No. 20,607/2021 and Joint Resolution Sedest/IAT No. 20/2021, the new resolution conditions the issuance and renewal of the operating environmental license (LO), from 1 January 2022, upon approval of reverse logistics plans (Appendix I) and related supporting reports (Appendix II).

The obligation of the plan and annual reports also exists for the simplified environmental license (LAS) and for the environmental license by adhesion and commitment (LAC).

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