“Mulheres da Insolvência #porElas”

Our partner, Clara Moreira Azzoni, participated in the work “Mulheres da Insolvência #porElas” conceived by Rosely Cruz and coordinated by Mônica Di Piero, Giovana Farenzena, Samantha Longo and Natalia Zanata. The set of articles, which includes the knowledge of renowned professionals in the area and addresses the challenges encountered by the authors, was sponsored by IBAJUD – Instituto Brasileiro da Insolvência.

Clara contributed with the chapter “A ‘nova’ recuperação extrajudicial e a alienação de ativos (The ‘new’ extrajudicial recovery and disposal of assets)”, which addresses the recent reform of the Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy Law implemented by Law 14,112/2020 and its impact on the disposal of assets on extrajudicial recovery.

The book, in Portuguese, may be purchased via e-mail: