The Full Bench of the Federal Supreme Court decided to suspend the efficacy of articles 29 and 31 of Provisional Measure nº 927/2020. The decision was handed down at the preliminary injunction trial in seven Direct Actions for Unconstitutionality (ADIs)

The Full Bench of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court decided to suspend the provision of Provisional Measure determining that cases of contamination of workers by the new coronavirus are not considered as an occupational disease. The decision of the Full Bench also led to the suspension of the provision limiting the action of fiscal work audits. Both provisions were suspended under the justification that they do not comply with the social objective of labor and are offensive to workers in the essential activities sector who are exposed daily to the risk of contamination. Although these provisions are suspended, others are kept: such as the anticipation of individual and collective vacation and non-religious holidays, teleworking and a certain minimal income, etc.

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