On 31 May 2022, the Chamber of Deputies approved MP No. 1,085/21, which creates the Electronic System of Public Records – SERP. The measure now goes to the Executive Branch for approval

The Electronic System of Public Records (SERP) was created for procedures related to public records of legal acts and transactions with the submission of documents, titles and certificates in electronic format and in a centralized way.

In an Alert, Amanda Marinho and Rodrigo Amaral detail the changes applied to the original text of the Provisional Measure known as the Public Notary’s PM, which amends other laws such as the Real Estate Development Law (Law No. 4,591/64), the Public Registry Law (Law No. 6,015/73), the Land Division Law (Law No. 6,766/79), the Notary and Registry Services Law (Law No. 8,935/94) and the Civil Code itself.

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