Natural gas’ transport infrastructure

On December 17th, the Brazilian President, Michel Temer, enacted the Decree No. 9,616/2018 that, by amending the Federal Decree 7,382/2010, aims to enable the open access to the natural gas transport infrastructure, implementing some of the actions provided in the Gas to Grow Program (Programa Gás para Crescer), as follows:

  • Regulation of the entry-exit regime in transportation capacity, being the tariffs established by shippers, according to the regulation to be provided by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (“ANP”);
  • Autonomy and independence of the transport from other segments of the natural gas chain, which shall be further ruled by the ANP;
  • Amendment of the current transport agreements to reflect further incentives to be provided by the ANP to shippers;
  • Guaranteed access to the pipes, natural gas treatment and processing and liquified natural gas terminals – the access cannot be denied if proven unfair competition;
  • Standardization of the natural gas rules between the Union and the States.

Published today in the Union’s Official Gazette, the Decree No. 9,616/2018 is already in force.

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