Lawyers and accountants are authorized to certify copies of documents submitted to Brazilian commercial registries

On April 30, 2019, the National Department of Business Registration and Integration enacted the Normative Ruling No. 60/2019 (“IN 60/2019“), which allows lawyers and accountants to certify the authenticity of copies of documents submitted to registration with commercial registries.

IN 60/2019 derives from the Provisional Measure No. 876, issued by the Federal Government in the first quarter of this year, with the premise of simplifying and reducing the bureaucracy of business registration process in Brazil.

According to IN 60/2019, any lawyer or accountant is authorized to certify copies of documents in the registration process by means of submission of a “statement of authenticity” (according to the draft form provided by IN 60/2019), accompanied by a simple copy of the professional ID of such lawyer/accountant.

It is important to highlight that the IN 60/2019 does not apply when the presentation of an original document is required by law.

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