CONAR issues Technical Note on Advertising of products and services related to COVID-19

In the midst of the countless measures taken by public authorities to adapt the world scenario to the “new normal” brought by the pandemic of COVID-19, CONAR issued, on July 1, 2020, a Technical Note with recommendations for the area of ​​advertising communication, mainly for products related to health, hygiene and personal well-being, to provide for the dissemination and announcement of such products in a way that ensures public confidence.

The recommendations were divided into two scenarios:

  1. Advertising of pharmaceutical products and food supplements: categorical arguments for cure, specific treatment and prevention of COVID-19 may be considered misleading, given the lack of approval by the competent authorities and scientific evidence thus far. In addition, in order to advertise specific benefits associated with products, regulatory requirements must be understood and respected, as well as the basis and sufficient proof of veracity of these benefits, so that the recommendations made are compatible with those approved by the competent authorities and in accordance with the regulations of the respective category.
  2. Advertising for products for cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces: the specific properties announced in advertising these products must be based on sufficient proof, as well as compatible with the indications in the product registration and category classified by the health authority. In addition, such advertising must not (a) refrain from indicating the instructions for use and storage of the product; and (b) contradict the recommended indications and warnings, mainly technical, such as: keep out of reach of children, domestic animals etc.

For more information about the rules to be observed in advertising, CONAR will be available for clarification to members. Furthermore, it is recommended that advice is sought from the competent public and health authorities, for more information about the necessary adjustments in the products.