CADE’s possible new commissioners Ministry of Justice announces names – Guilherme Ribas

The Minister of Justice Tarso Genro has suggested to the Brazilian President Lula da Silva the appointment of four attorneys to replace 4 (out of 7) CADE’s commissioners who will leave the government next July and August:

– Arthur Badin will probably be the next President of CADE. He is ex-Chief of Cabinet at SDE and current General-Attorney of CADE. Badin’s foremost qualities are his organizational abilities and good management skills, he has been responsible for the first leniency agreements in Brazil and is recognized for his courageous and combative nature, fundamental qualities in the enforcement of decisions taken by CADE.

– Carlos Ragazzo has been General-Coordinator for Antitrust Affairs at SEAE (Ministry of Finance) since 2003.

– Olavo Chinaglia is a specialist in economic law and has been working as an antitrust lawyer since 1998.

– Vinícius Carvalho is Chief of Cabinet at the Secretariat for Human Rights (Ministry of Justice) and has worked at CADE at the department in charge of monitoring CADE’s decisions.

The Brazilian President may accept the suggestions and forward them for approval by the Brazilian Senate.

Commissioners Elizabeth Farina (President), Luís Fernando Rigato Vasconcellos, Luiz Carlos Prado and Ricardo Cueva are all leaving CADE.


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