Brazilian sanitation companies squeezed as government delays decrees on new law

Rodrigo Bertoccelli, from our Sanitation area, spoke to REDD Intelligence about the challenges of Brazilian sanitation companies with the delays in the regulatory agenda after the approval of Law No. 14,026, ratified on 15 July 2020 by President Jair Bolsonaro.

The main objective of the legislation is to universalize and qualify the provision of services in the sector and the Federal Government’s goal is to achieve universalization by 2033, ensuring that 99% of the Brazilian population has access to drinking water and 90% to treatment and sewage collection. The Bolsonaro government had 90 days after the signing of the new regulatory framework in July to regulate the new law. Even though Decree 10,588 was published on 24 December, dealing with the technical and financial support that the Federal Government will grant for the formation of inter-municipal consortia, there is still the decree that will define the methodology to define economically and financially the meeting of goals set out in the new framework by companies in the public and private sectors.

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