ANP’s Permanent Offer

Today, the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (“ANP”) published the Tender Protocol and the Concession Agreements regarding the Permanent Offer of exploration blocks and areas with marginal accumulations.

As provided on the Resolution No. 17/2017 of the National Council of Energy Policy (“CNPE”), the ANP can offer relinquished fields or fields under the process of being relinquished as well as blocks already authorized by the CNPE but not awarded on past bid rounds.

The Tender Protocol lists 148 exploration blocks, as follows:


The marginal accumulation areas will be further announced by the ANP and, then, included in the Permanent Offer.

Regarding the local content, the minimum required will be the following:


The interested companies shall proceed with their registration and pay the participation fee. After approval of the registrations, the bidders shall submit to the ANP the bid guarantees for blocks or areas of interest along with a declaration of interest, in which the bidders must indicate the sectors that they intend to bid on.

According to the Tender Protocol, the cycles of Permanent Offer are related to public sessions for presentation of offers for one or more sectors that received a declaration of interest. Therefore, once the first bid guarantee is approved, the first cycle of Permanent Offer initiates.

It shall be noted that for blocks with exploration risks, the judgement criteria to win the bid will be the signature bonus and the minimum exploratory program (“PEM”) and for the marginal accumulation areas the only criteria will be the signature bonus.

For further information regarding how to register, the qualification procedures and any other issue regarding the ANP’s Permanent Offer, please contact Luis Menezes (, our partner responsible for the Oil and Gas Department.


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