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Oil and Gas Newsletter - April 2016

  • Gavião Branco and Gavião Branco Sudeste fields will be unitized

ANP decided to unitize the fields Gavião Branco Sudeste and Gavião Branco, both located in the Parnaíba Basin. Due to the decision, the unitized area shall be named Gavião Branco and Parnaíba Gás Natural (PGN) shall remain as operator with 70% of the participating interest, having BPMB Parnaíba as partner with the remaining 30%. (04/01/2016)

  • Ibama submits to public hearing the pre-salt’s environmental impact assessment

The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (“IBAMA”) submitted to public hearing the environmental impact assessment (“Estudo de Impacto Ambiental – EIA”) regarding the floating and production of all areas under the pre-salt layer. The Ibama intends to acquire information to guide the environmental licensing for activities on such area. The activities will be performed in Sapinhoá and Lula fields and in the areas of Franco, Carioca and Tupi, in the Santos Basin. (04/04/2016)

  • Unitization aiming at optimizing the Campos Basin

Petrobras and the ANP executed unitization agreements regarding Bicudo and Enchova Oeste fields and Linguardo and Pampo fields, all of them operated by Petrobras in the Campos Basin. The company is submitting areas to unitization in order to optimize the system and reduce production costs. (04/04/2016)

  •    Antaq may soften the charter by oil companies

The National Agency of Water Transportation (“ANTAQ”) may conclude in this year’s third quarter the analysis of an old request from the oil companies: the possibility of such companies charter offshore support vessels without the attainment of the authorization to operate as a Brazilian shipping company (“EBN”). Currently, the oil companies must contract an EBN to operate the chartered vessel. Besides the eventual regulatory and legal losses that such change could cause to the maritime supporting business, ANTAQ will also study the procedures to enable the charter by a company that is not an EBN and the existence of differences between services agreement or time charter agreement. (04/05/2016)

  •     Future bids with less severe rules

The ANP studies the possibility of implementing less severe minimum exploratory programs in the following bids, while the oil barrel price remains low. The ANP’s General Director, Ms. Magda Chambriard, anticipated this information and stated that such measure has been analyzed by the ANP’s technical department and that one of the possibilities under analysis is to transfer to the second period the currently first period’s obligation to drill an exploratory well. (04/14/2016)

  •   Azibrás’ farm-in approved

The ANP approved the assignment to Azibrás of OGpar’s interests on blocks POT-M-475, in the Potiguar Basin, and CE-M-603, in the Ceará Basin. The OGpar shall transfer to ANP the amounts received from the transaction, in order to partially pay the amount that it still owns to the agency for the governmental participation on the blocks. The blocks CE-M-603 and POT-M-475 were acquired on the ANP’s 11th Concession Bidding Round, by R$ 45.9 million and R$ 20 million, respectively. Both areas are currently operated by Exxon. With the execution of such assignment, Azibrás will hold 50% interest on CE-M-603 and 65% on POT-M-475. (04/14/2016)

  • ANP analyzes waiver requests regarding seismic vessels

The ANP opened a public hearing to confirm the statements regarding the lack of seismic data acquisition vessels build or reformed in Brazil between 2008 and 2015. The agency intends to use the information to analyze the local content waiver requests proposed by OGPar, ONGC and Perenco. The ANP has already informed that intends to implement the same procedure for other local content waiver requests. (04/25/2016)

  • PPSA will study unitization in Baleia Azul

Baleia Azul field is in the list of PPSA’s areas that may be submitted to unitization due to the reservoir’s extension to an open acreage area. According to the PPSA, which is the responsible to represent the Union in unitization agreements, the possibility of extend the field was already notified by the ANP. ANP’s notification is the first step on the unitization process involving PPSA, which shall not conduct the studies in order to confirm if really exists the need to execute an unitization agreement with Petrobras. (04/27/2016).

  • Changes in the local content calculation

The ANP’s board approved the ordinance that sets forth the criteria for calculation of neutralization of the subitems and items significance variation on the local content global contractual commitment as of the ANP’s 7th Bidding Round, including those which the audit process of its fulfillment is already underway. (04/28/2016)

  • Gato do Mato appraisal plan remains suspended

The ANP’s board maintained the suspension of Gato do Mato’s appraisal plan. The Gato do Mato area is located in the pre-salt polygon at the block S-M-518 (BM-S-54) – Santos Basin, and Shell is the operator. The project’s development depends on the conclusion of the studies regarding unitizations that are extending to open acreage areas on the pre-salt polygon. According to the deadline established in the National Council of Energy Policy (“CNPE”) Ordinance No. 02/2016, enacted in March, the Ministry of Mines Energy (“MME”) shall conclude until September the studies that will serve as basis for the bids of areas to be submitted to unitization on the pre-salt polygon. It is expected to have potential bids for September this year. (04/28/2016)

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