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Uncertain Future for Special Courts at Airports

The Special Courts installed at Congonhas (São Paulo) and Cumbica (Guarulhos) airports by the National Justice Council (CNJ), and which are structurally supported by the Regional Federal Court of the 3rd Region, will be turning three months old on January 7, 2008.

It now appears that despite there being plans for the courts to cease their activities on January 31, 2008, their future is now uncertain, it now being possible that the date may be extended, even though there has still been no official discussion over the suggestion. The main purpose of these Courts, set up in emergency and experimental forms, is to stimulate the occurrence of conciliation on the more common complaints from passengers, such as delays or cancellations on flights, and loss or tampering with luggage.

The complaints are submitted to a conciliatory session. There being no agreement, the plaintiff may from that moment on request the remittance of their complaint to the Court nearest their home, even if it is in a different State, where, after the presentation of the defendant, there will be a summary judgment.

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