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Subrogation by Merging


Consultation on the company x where the buyers of real estate units have signed their contracts of sale, during the execution of the works, with the balance due was paid through financing obtained by the financial agent.

Explains the Consultant that was issued by a financial agent Bank Credit – Bank Financing with Chattel Mortgage of Property and Other Covenants – SFH, to support the financing to the purchaser of real estate unit.

It also informs the Consultant that, under contract to finance construction, the Consultant is coobrigara to repay the entire amount of credit the financial agent if the buyer became delinquent for more than 90 (ninety) days.

So asks the Consultant:

a) the application of penalty and interest for late payment shall cover the outstanding balance, as shown in the CCB, or the updated value?
b) it is possible to charge a commission of stay, provided contractually?
c) can be applied to TR as an index of monetary correction, as agreed in the CCB?
d) the collection of sheet Consultant deserves some credit for the change?
e) would be possible to conclude a transaction in accordance with the purchaser, to alter the rate of indexation and interest rate?

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