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  • Expedição Vaga Lume

    Expedição Vaga Lume

    FELSBERG ADVOGADOS provides support to the ‘C.R.E.S.C.E.R’ project (Centro Rotário Educacional, Social, Cultural e Recreativo). This is a philanthropic entity founded in 1986 with a view to providing services to the community and a Social Program for Work Education duly registered with the CMDCA/SP. The social program is based upon educational work seeking to encourage and prepare students for the market, providing a basic professional experience and qualification for their first job, enabling personal development, and stimulating creativity, reflection, self-confidence and motivation for personal development, as well as leading the participants towards citizenship and providing them with their first experience in the job market.

    Created in 2001, ‘Expedição Vaga Lume’ is a program dedicated to the creation of libraries for children in rural areas of municipalities in the Amazon region. The main purpose of the Vaga Lume Association is to contribute to human development in the targeted rural communities. More than 15,000 children now have access to more than 35,000 books. For more information on the project, please visit the website. FELSBERG ADVOGADOS provides support to this project.

  • Fundação Dorina Nowill Para Cegos

    Fundação Dorina Nowill Para Cegos

    FELSBERG ADVOGADOS cooperates with the ‘Dorina Nowill Institute for the Blind’. The firm helps by making a weekly donation of waste paper. The paper is turned into pulp and donated to the organization for recycling, and it is then converted into financial resources to support its various projects. For more information about the ‘Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind’, please visit

  • Américas Amigas Association

    Américas Amigas Association

    FELSBERG ADVOGADOS also supports the ‘Américas Amigas Association’, an organization which was inspired by Ambassador Barbara Sobel and founded in 2009. The Association brings together Brazilian and American volunteers and community leaders who are dedicated to programs and fund-raising for hospitals and health institutions in Brazil that are working towards the early diagnosis of breast cancer. The firm assisted in the creation of the association and continues to provide legal advice.

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