Federal Government Amends the Tax Treatment Applied to Oil and Gas Companies, Extends REPETRO´s Term and Creates New Special Regimes for the Importation and Local Acquisition of Goods Used in the Exploration, Development and Production of Oil, Natural Gas and Other Fluid HydrocarbonsBrazilian Federal Revenue Office publishes new rulings on cross-border transactions with softwareAdditional Updates on Withholding Tax on Lease PaymentsRio de Janeiro State Cancels ICMS Deficiency Notices on Imports Without Ownership TransferThe Brazilian Federal Treasury shifts its position on taxation of income from technical services and technical supportChanges to the charging of tax on financial operations/exchanges on foreign loans operationsConversion of PM 627/2013 into Law nr. 12.973/2014: A New Round of Controversy ApproachesProvisional Measure nr. 627 – Important Changes in Brazilian tax legislationBrazilian Government Regulates the Special Tax Regime for the Defense Industry (RETID)Brazilian Minister Finance fixes the spread rate for deductibility purposes and for the consideration of financial income in foreign loan transactions