Federal Government Amends the Tax Treatment Applied to Oil and Gas Companies, Extends REPETRO´s Term and Creates New Special Regimes for the Importation and Local Acquisition of Goods Used in the Exploration, Development and Production of Oil, Natural Gas and Other Fluid HydrocarbonsNEWSLETTER OIL & GAS – JUNE/2017CNPE approves the guidelines for unitization involving open acreage areasPetrobras will exercise its preemptive right in the next ANP’s Pre-Salt Bid RoundsCNPE approves the guidelines for the next bid rounds’ multiannual planANP’s 14th Concession Bid RoundCNPE enacts new local content rulesCNPE approves ANP’s 2nd Pre-Salt Bid RoundCNPE approves ANP’s 3rd Pre-Salt Bid RoundCNPE approves ANP’s 14th Concession Bid Round