Federal Government Amends the Tax Treatment Applied to Oil and Gas Companies, Extends REPETRO´s Term and Creates New Special Regimes for the Importation and Local Acquisition of Goods Used in the Exploration, Development and Production of Oil, Natural Gas and Other Fluid HydrocarbonsThe ‘new regulatory framework for mining’NEWSLETTER OIL & GAS – JUNE/2017CNPE approves the guidelines for unitization involving open acreage areasPetrobras will exercise its preemptive right in the next ANP’s Pre-Salt Bid RoundsCNPE approves the guidelines for the next bid rounds’ multiannual planANP’s 14th Concession Bid RoundCNPE enacts new local content rulesCNPE approves ANP’s 2nd Pre-Salt Bid RoundCNPE approves ANP’s 3rd Pre-Salt Bid Round