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Bracor´s total investments reach R$ 1.5B and the company attracts new partners

Bracor Investimentos Imobiliários has just welcomed the arrival of four new partners. The company was created in 2006 by Equity Group (founded by Sam Zell) and the Brazilian entrepreneur Carlos Betancourt. After five months of negotiation, Bracor signed on December 18, 2007 to receive its new members: investment bank Morgan Stanley (USA), Berkley Capital Management LLC, a company of the American insurance group W. R. Berkley Corporation, a holding entity managed by Saudi Arabian group Olayan, and Reem Advertising LLC, a company managed by the Royal Group of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

With the introduction of these new investors, Bracor plans to invest an additional R$2B in Brazil’s corporate real estate market over the next two years. Today, Bracor’s portfolio exceeds R$1,5B with approximately 30 properties, with such tenants as Ambev, Alpargatas, Bosch Siemens, DHL, IBM, G.Barbosa and Firmenich.

In this equity acquisition transaction, the parties have been legally assisted by the following legal counsels respectively

Bracor, Capital Trust and Equity International – Souza Cescon – Ronald Herscovici (partner) and Paulo Padis (partner)

Morgan Stanley -Pinheiro Neto – Carlos Alberto Moreira Lima Jr. (partner) and Fernando Ziziotti (associate)

Reem – Felsberg e Associados – Thomas Felsberg (partner), Maria da Graça Pedretti (partner) and Alberto Büll (Associate)

Berkley – Campos Mello, Pontes, Vinci e Schiller Advogados – Guido Vinci (partner), Laercio Pellegrino, Jr. (partner), Paulo Cesar Gonçalves Simões (partner) and Marcus Vinicius G. Bitencourt (associate).

Olayan-managed holding entity – Mattos Filho – Marcelo Sampaio Góes Ricupero (associate) and Guilherme Canecchio (trainee).

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